Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tank Fly Boss Walk, new from Johnny Dynell


The recent Netflix release of STYLE WARS (the Eighties graffiti documentary) features JOHNNY DYNELL's first record - the 1983 classic JAM HOT - throughout. This track included Johnny's signature rap, an homage to the taggers and breakdancers of that fabled era in NYC: "Tank, Fly Boss, Walk, Jam, Nitty Gritty" and the rest of the "Boys From The Big Bad City." 

The JAM HOT rap has had an extraordinary 30 years in the popular culture, including sampling by NORMAN COOK (BEATS INTERNATIONAL) on the 1990 U.K. #1 "DUB BE GOOD TO ME" and worldwide fan interpretations on YOUTUBE. Johnny's first release of 2014, TANK FLY BOSS WALK is his Hip House/Tech House reworking of the rap, out 1/15/14 on ENDLESS NIGHT MUSIC. 

TANK FLY BOSS WALK is dedicated to original JAM HOT producer MARK KAMINS, who died in 2013. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bitch U Better Don't - Jamil LaBeija serves 21 Century Vogue

ENDLESS NIGHT is delighted to bring you BITCH U BETTER DON'T/U BEEN CHOPPED by JOHNNY DYNELL featuring HOUSE OF LABEIJA rising star JAMIL. It's the most recent release from JOHNNY DYNELL's ongoing 21ST CENTURY VOGUING project - modern sounds from the vibrant NYC club voguing scene.  Released in May 2013, our original blog post here was lost ... or CHOPPED!

JAMIL LABEIJA is a major new talent on the scene - check out his YOUTUBE VIDS here.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Elements of Vogue Remix Project

david ian xtravaganza elements of vogue

DJ JOHNNY DYNELL continues his 21ST CENTURY VOGUING exploration with the long-awaited remix project ELEMENTS OF VOGUE. Already in the pantheon of Voguing tracks, the original 1989 ELEMENTS OF VOGUE featured lyrics written and performed by the late great Ballhouse MC DAVID IAN XTRAVAGANZA. Long out of print, the two original mixes (by track producer JOHNNY DYNELL and co-writer DAVID DEPINO) appear here along with 21st century reworkings by Dynell and the Spank DJs. Here are the link and track list - just "pick a spot, and Vogue!"


Johnny Dynell feat. David Ian Xtravaganza - Elements Of Vogue (Johnny Dynell's 2012 Remix)
Johnny Dynell feat. David Ian Xtravaganza - Elements Of Vogue (Spank Vocal Remix)
Johnny Dynell feat. David Ian Xtravaganza - Elements Of Vogue (Spank Dub Remix)
Johnny Dynell feat. David Ian Xtravaganza - Elements Of Vogue (Johnny Dynell's 1989 Original Mix)
Johnny Dynell feat. David Ian Xtravaganza - Elements Of Vogue (David DePino's 1989 Original Mix)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Runway" - new Johnny Dynell on Endless Night Music

DJ JOHNNY DYNELL continues his SHWAM! 21ST CENTURY VOGUING project with RUNWAY, a new House track inspired by the classic Ballhouse category. "Runway Walking" has been a staple of late-night dance floors from the Paradise Garage through Dynell's current Sunday night at GREENHOUSE - VANDAM. New York City's reigning houses including XTRAVAGANZA, AVIANCE and NINJA work it out till morning in these clubs, and inspire music makers like Dynell to keep experimenting. RUNWAY isn't JUST for Voguers or wannabee fashion models though - it also stands as a new House track sure to be heard on a wide range of dance floors this Spring.

Photo by Michael James O'Brien, from the House Of Omni Ball 1994, New York City

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Battlecat" (Cotton Club Mix) features Legend of Vogue Princess Xtravaganza

"Picture it...
A little peasant boy from the Bronx, found his way down to the pier honey,
And THERE it started!"

With these lines, legendary club icon Princess Xtravaganza began BATTLECAT, his autobiographical dance track. BATTLECAT traces how a "little peasant boy from the Bronx" became a lifelong star of the hometown dance form of Voguing, and offers advice to others who would take the runway/dancefloor. The track was co-written by Princess with two NYC gay music icons - "Gay Pimp" JONNY MCGOVERN and crooner ADAM JOSEPH.   

BATTLECAT (The Cotton Club Mix) is a brand new release and reworking of  the song by DJ JOHNNY DYNELL, out this week on Endless Night Music This infectious "Cotton Club Mix"  is a Tech House call to (voguing) battle, with  Dynell's electronic re-working of 1920's sounds over House of Xtravaganza chants.

BATTLECAT (Cotton Club Mix) on ITUNES

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bring It! takes 21st Century Voguing to the NYC club Dancefloor


The June 2011 release of "BRING IT" introduces the first single from "SHWAM! 21ST CENTURY VOGUE", a collection of new and original Voguing tracks, written, produced and/or remixed by JOHNNY DYNELL. The album features Voguing and bitch tracks from SADE PENDAVIS, PAUL ALEXANDER, JOCELYN BROWN and PRINCESS XTRAVAGANZA, and includes Dynell's original ELEMENTS OF VOGUE (1990) with vocals by the late great DAVID IAN XTRAVAGANZA. The first single BRING IT! features SADE PENDAVIS and PAUL ALEXANDER in a rousing and ragingly funny 21st Century Voguing anthem - "Mary, Mary, quite contrary/ Bring it like you're Legendary".

The pair debuted BRING IT! at two special shows on Sunday June 5 in NYC - early evening at LOW LIFE 5: FLAMING QUEENS at the 2011 HOWL! FESTIVAL and after midnight at VANDAM at GREENHOUSE. "SHWAM! 21ST CENTURY VOGUE" is the first release from Johnny's new label, ENDLESS NIGHT MUSIC, distributed by THE ORCHARD.

BRING IT! on Beatport

BRING IT! cover starring CONNIE FLEMING from the HOUSE OF FIELD BALL, NYC 1988, photo by TINA PAUL