Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Battlecat" (Cotton Club Mix) features Legend of Vogue Princess Xtravaganza

"Picture it...
A little peasant boy from the Bronx, found his way down to the pier honey,
And THERE it started!"

With these lines, legendary club icon Princess Xtravaganza began BATTLECAT, his autobiographical dance track. BATTLECAT traces how a "little peasant boy from the Bronx" became a lifelong star of the hometown dance form of Voguing, and offers advice to others who would take the runway/dancefloor. The track was co-written by Princess with two NYC gay music icons - "Gay Pimp" JONNY MCGOVERN and crooner ADAM JOSEPH.   

BATTLECAT (The Cotton Club Mix) is a brand new release and reworking of  the song by DJ JOHNNY DYNELL, out this week on Endless Night Music This infectious "Cotton Club Mix"  is a Tech House call to (voguing) battle, with  Dynell's electronic re-working of 1920's sounds over House of Xtravaganza chants.

BATTLECAT (Cotton Club Mix) on ITUNES

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